Adaptive Golf Equipment

Adaptive golf equipment has revolutionized the game by making it more inclusive and accessible to individuals with physical disabilities or limitations. These specialized tools are designed to accommodate a wide range of needs, allowing players to enjoy the sport regardless of their physical challenges.

Adaptive Golf Glove

Adaptable Golf Gloves

Adaptable golf gloves are game changers made with innovative materials and features that conform to the individual needs of golfers. Whether it’s adjustable straps, additional closures, or the use of velcro, these gloves will allow a more comfortable and fine-tuning of the grip for golfers to get a more secure feel. Great adaptable gloves are the Eagle Claw, the Grip Mate, Grip Wrap, and Quantum Grip Velcro Grip and Gloves.

SoloRider Golf Carts

The SoloRider is a seated golf cart like device that allows those who have little to no leg or trunk mobility swing a golf club from a seated position. The SoloRider operates by enabling the individual to swivel the seat, allowing them to approach the golf ball, rotate the chair, and take a swing at the ball without any constraints. The Solorider is typically used by an individual who uses a wheelchair in their daily life, but can be used by any individual who needs extra assistance. For someone lacking the ability to stand upright and swing a golf club, the SoloRider becomes a necessity to participate in the sport.

Adaptive Teeing Device

Teeing Device

A variety of teeing devices exist for those who have trouble teeing the ball up. Teeing devices allow an individual to place the ball on a tee without having to bend over or physically stick the tee into the ground themselves. Great examples of these teeing devices are Toss Tees, Tee Pal, EZ-Tee Golf Ball Placer, and Joe’s Original Backtee.


The ParaMotion is the ultimate golf mobility solution for those with limited leg or trunk function to hit a golf ball. Its patented stand-up unit and individual seat adjustments ensure you’re always in the perfect position in relation to the ball. With off-road capability on up to 30% slopes, stability is guaranteed by a double rear wheel and low center of gravity. The Paramotion allows an individual to stand themselves in an upright position to swing the golf ball. With a up to 40 km of range, seat suspension, and hand-sewn quality upholstery, anyone using the Paramotion can expect to have a luxurious experience. Similar to the SoloRider, the Paramotion is able to travel anywhere on the golf course increasing the accessibility of golf to all.


For golfers with lower body and mobility challenges, the Vertacat all-terrain mobility vehicle is a life-changer, reinventing how golfers with MS, limb differences and other challenges can play golf again. Breakthrough adaptive technology supports golfers in standing up and competing on any golf course. Features include “Get Grounded” design, Pivot-in-Place positioning technology, turf-friendly tires, a steepness warning accelerometer and an electric stand-up assist system.

Customizable Club Fitting

Golf clubs have the ability to be fitted to any player’s needs. The versatility of golf clubs offer a personalized and tailored experience for all golfers. Fine-tuning varying aspects, such as shaft weight, shaft lean, grip, type, loft, and lie angles, enables players to capitalize on their strengths in their game, ultimately changing their overall accuracy and distance. Whether it’s using an oversized grip or a paddle style club, the customization process empowers golfers to optimize their equipment to their abilities.

Adaptive Golf News

Keeping up with the adaptive golf world’s news and notes.

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