About WR4GD Certification

WR4GD Certification is a process that the game of golf uses to confirm that an individual has an impairment that severely affects their ability to play golf. There are three different types of passes an individual with a disability can apply for that can allow them to participate in different events. The WR4GD pass is a pass that makes a qualified individual eligible to participate in any adaptive golf event.

How to get certified

Effortless process to get you in the game.

Certification is free and easy through the European Disabled Golf Association. Click “Apply Here” to create a profile, submit contact details, and complete a simple application with necessary disability documents. Some may undergo a special assessment, either in person or via zoom, and will be notified after the initial application.

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WR4GD Rankings

A global service to golf by ranking the top golfers with disabilities.

The World Rankings for Golfers with Disability (WR4GD) is a worldwide ranking system partnered with the R&A and USGA that ranks both men and women with disabilities based on their participation in qualifying golf events. The WR4GD currently has three separate ranking categories: Gross, Net, Net Stableford. Certified individuals will be ranked in each category depending on the type of event they participated in, and how they placed.

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Not eligible for WR4GD pass?

Learn about the Access Pass!

The Access Pass is for players with a disability falling within qualifying categories, but not severe enough for the WR4GD pass. The Access Conditional Pass is for players with a condition accepted as a disability in their country, not covered by qualifying categories. Individuals with either pass cannot be ranked in WR4GD but can participate in select adaptive golf events.

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Adaptive Golf News

Keeping up with the adaptive golf world’s news and notes.

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